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How we can help you


Leave money to someone

Ensure you leave money to who you choose rather than have your assets distributed by, or taken by the state.


Leave money to your children

A Will ensures that those you love; your dependents are provided for. If you have children under the age of 18, a Will can also say who gets to look after them rather than leaving it to social services.


Protect your estate

With the increasing cost of care and the ability of care providers to make claims against property, properly written Wills can protect your property from these claims.

Why choose us

We are a family-run business

Our will writers are all legally trained professionals and unlike some of our competitors have a wealth of experience of the legal sector in general.

After witnessing some particularly poor service in this area we decided to provide a professional service placing the customer at the centre. 

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A lasting power allows you to give someone you trust power to make decision on your behalf.

Power of Attorney has to be completed while you have capacity. It cannot be completed once you lack capacity. Once capacity is lost the process is time consuming and costly.